Monthly Gold Purchase Plan

Plan: 1 - Golden Eleven Plan

Gold Advance Plan has been created to purchase Gold jewelery at Sri Krishna Nagai Maligai. The Plan allows Customers to plan in advance for jewelery purchases and purchase jewelery through easy monthly installments. Under this Plan a treasure can be obtained by adding a small amount on a monthly basis. You can choose an amount as monthly installment. There are Various slabs starting from Rs.500 to Rs. 100000 /- In this Plan your money can be credited as gold depending on the price of Gold on the day of payment or by cash.

(i). At the end of 11 months you can buy 916 Hallmark jewellery without paying and Making Charges Wastage to the Gold Weight you have saved (or)

(ii). At the end of 11 months, One monthly bonus will be added if it is on value-based option.

Plan: 2 - Weight Plan

By depositing any of your old Gold jewellery, you can purchase 916 Hallmark jewellery without paying any Making charge and Wastage at the end of 11 months.

Plan: 3 - One Time Deposit Plan

By paying only once, you can buy 916 Hallmark jewellery without paying any Making charge & Wastage at the end of 11 months.

Best three plan buy jewellery in eleven months
Month Gold Rate Weight Amount
1 3440 1.45 5000
2 3400 1.47 5000
3 3420 1.46 5000
4 3500 1.42 5000
5 3520 1.42 5000
6 3530 1.41 5000
7 3540 1.41 5000
8 3580 1.39 5000
9 4000 1.25 5000
10 4050 1.23 5000
11 4025 1.24 5000
TOTAL 15.15 55000
Accumulated Weight Accumulated Amount

Terms & Conditions

The monthly subscription must be paid for 11 consecutive months.

At the end of the 11th month, the member can buy the Gold ornaments without paying any Making charge or wastage (VA) on the amount paid. Cash will not be refunded on any circumstances as per Government regulations.

Members can buy Gold jewellery after they have paid all the installments so in order to avail this offer all their installments have to be paid and customer should collect the receipt after paying monthly installments.

Member can pay Wastage (VA) and purchase special items like Diamond, Platinum, Uncut Diamond, Ruby & Emerald, Antique Silverware, and Silver Jewellery.

The applicant has to submit the duly filled in application form and a copy of ID Proof along with the first installment.

The customer can appoint a Nominee by submitting the KYC details. If the nominee has not completed 18 years, the Guardian name and relationship must be clearly stated on the application form.

Members will be charged wastage (VA) on the excess of jewellery purchased. Members will be eligible for no Wastage (VA) only for the advance amount paid.

If a monthly bonus is paid at the end of 11 months you will have to pay Making charge & wastage for the Gold Jewellery you buy.

At the time of maturity of the plan, members can purchase ornaments without Paying making charge & wastage up to 12%.If the jewellery bought has making charge & wastage higher than 12% the difference in making charge and wastage between the actual 12% for the same to be paid by the customer. If jewellery bought has making charge and wastage lesser than 12%, the customer is not entitled for the difference in making charge and wastage.

If there are any stone charges, it must be borne by the customer.

GST and other Government gnomes will be borne by the member at the time of purchase. Only members who successfully complete the maturity period are entitled for these benefits.

Customers can purchase jewellery after completing 11 months of registration; however they must purchase jewellery 365 days prior to the date of registration.

In case PASS BOOK is lost, the member should immediately inform the concerned showroom and take necessary steps.

The customer mobile number will be verified via OTP at the time of closing the scheme. Member signatures will be verified during the maturity period.

The Company has the right to change or amend terms and conditions at any time. Disputes if any will be subject to the jurisdiction of the court in Madurai.